Types of Fundraising What are the different types of fundraising? There is no one-size-fits-all method to development office fundraising.  No two schools and universities are the same, no two potential donor communities are the same, and no two donors are the same! That said, it may make sense to split fundraising down into a few different types which you can plan for separately: Mass Fundraising, Major Donor Fundraising and Legacies Mass Fundraising  Soliciting lots of relatively small (and hopefully regular) gifts which add up to a large sum.  This is normally done via: o Direct Mail (or direct email) o Telephone Fundraising (i.e. telethons) o Fundraising Events o Online Giving Major Donor Fundraising Building relationships with high net-worth individuals who can make big gifts. This requires: o Potential Major Donor Research o A great Stewardship programme Major gifts can also be gained from Trusts and Foundations. Legacy Giving Inviting supporters to remember your organisation in their Will: o Find out about legacy giving FIND DEVELOPMENT JOBS!   Whether you’re looking to start a career in development or are already an experienced practitioner, you can find vacancies today! Types of Fundraising © Orier Digital Limited 2012