Trusts and Foundations What are Trusts and Foundations? Trusts and Foundations are organisations which give funds to projects, individuals, goals or campaigns which meet their criteria.  Sometimes they will be started by a wealthy individual, sometimes by an organisation.  Most will have funds available from interest generated from a permanent endowment (i.e. money that has been invested). How do I find a trust or foundation that will support our organisation? There are trusts which support virtually every cause imaginable, but most have very specific and strict criteria regarding what they will give money to.  There is no point applying to a trust or foundation if you do not meet their criteria!  To find a list of trusts, head to the Charity Commission website. How do I apply for funding? 1. Make sure you meet all their criteria - this should be listed on the trust’s / foundation’s website or via a guide book. 2. Do they give amounts that are helpful to you?  Don’t waste time applying for £50,000 if their typical grant is £2,000. 3. Check exactly who you need to write to, then get the name right. 4. See if they have specific forms to fill in, and supplementary material to add.  Give them exactly what they request - no more (they’re busy) and no less (they need all the information). 5. Check what the deadline for submissions is - make sure you meet it. The Associate of Charitable Foundations helpfully provides a guide to applying to a trust or foundation. Want to know how to apply to Trusts and Foundations?   Read: Applying to a Grant Making Trust: A Guide for Fundraisers (CAF How to Guides) Available on Amazon. © Orier Digital Limited 2012