Publications for Alumni What publications are used for communicating with alumni? To help stay in touch with your alumni, offer them a termly / annual newsletter or magazine.  It could contain interviews with interesting alums, news about your school or university, news about your alumni’s successes - anything that you think might be of interest! How can I create a magazine? There are three basic choices: 1. Do it yourself: if you have a software like Microsoft Publisher, you can create newsletters or even whole magazines in-house.  To be good at this takes some practise, a good eye for design and layout, and - if you want to use an external printing company - an understanding of how to create commercial-print-ready files.  You can search for a local printer, or find numerous discount deals online with quick delivery. 2. User a professional design company: If you can write (or collect) the text and photos for the magazine, then you can pass it all on to a design agency who will then make it into a beautiful magazine.  This will cost money, but they are likely to give your publication a much more professional look.  3. Use copy writers: if writing eloquent prose is not your bag, you can hire writers to create the articles for you as well - bear in mind that this will be a much more expensive solution! Where can I get some inspiration? A large number of schools and universities let you view digital copies of their alumni newsletters online.  Simply Google a school’s name FIND DEVELOPMENT JOBS!   Whether you’re looking to start a career in development or are already an experienced practitioner, you can find vacancies today! © Orier Digital Limited 2012