Fundraising From Abroad If some of your potential donors live abroad, it may well be worth trying to solicit their support.  But how do you do it?  Apart from making them feel included in your organisation through regular letters, magazines and (if possible) events, it can also help if you have an easy, and preferably tax-efficient means for them to support you. How to Fundraise from the USA UK educational institutions would be mad to pass up on the chance to fundraise from any alumni or friends living in the USA.  American schools and universities have long had fundraising down to an art form, so people living the US expect to be asked to support their alma mater; the culture is more naturally philanthropic than in the UK; and best of all - there are easy ways for them to support your school or university. The British Schools and Universities Foundation (BSUF) is one of the best organisations around for fundraising from the USA.  Why?  There are no set-up costs or monthly fees, and they pass on 100% of every donation to the UK charity.  There is no catch - it is just run by extraordinary people.  Even better, when a US donor makes a gift via BSUF, they get all the same tax advantages they would get from giving to a US charity, so it’s good for them too.  That’s why hundreds of UK schools and Universities use them.  BSUF can also enable US donors to leave legacies and give via charitable remainder trusts.  See their website for more details on both. CAFAmerica (Charities Aid Foundation America) also offers a variety of services to enable US donors to give to UK schools and universities tax-efficiently, and to set up legacies and charitable remainder trusts.  UK charities register with CAFAmerica for $60 and become eligible to receive grants for three years.  CAFAmerica enables foreign charities to establish a ‘Friends of’ Charity Fund so they can independently engage in US fundraising. How to Fundraise from other countries There are methods for raising money tax-efficiently from other parts of the world, but most entail a cost, and you need to consider how many potential donors you have in each country, and whether it justifies the expense.  Remember you can attract donations from any part of the world, by setting up an online giving page that accepts donations in different currencies. Fundraising From the USA?   For an excellent and comprehensive guide, see Fundraising from America: The Complete Guide for Charitable Organisations Outside the USA Available on Amazon    © Orier Digital Limited 2012