Alumni Events and Reunions What kinds of event should we hold for our alumni? There’s no single answer to this question, other than to say that you need to hold events that your alumni want to attend!  How about organising a dinner or drinks reception at your school?  Alumni sports matches against your current students or staff?  Lectures?  Music recitals?  Focus on getting people involved.  Should we charge alumni to attend an event? Again, there’s no right answer.  You need to balance covering your costs with making sure that you are not putting off potential donors from attending.  It may be that you offer an event for free (or at least heavily subsided) to get people to attend, in the knowledge that a good event will make them more likely to give a donation in future.  If they set up a regular donation, this could exceed any ticket price you were going to charge in a matter of months.  If you do want to charge for an event, why not offer them the ability to pay online?  Ticketsource offers an easy and simple to use service where you can set up events online, organise e-ticketing and handle online payments. There are no set up fees; instead you (or your alumni) are charged a % transaction charge. What about holding events away from our campus? Ask yourself this: where are your alumni?  Is is convenient or easy for them to come to events on your campus?  Are there hotels nearby if they want to attend an evening event?  Or - should you be holding events in other parts of the country (and indeed world) where you will find more people?  If lots of your alumni now live in or near London, Birmingham, Leeds etc, then why not hold an event for them on their doorstep - they may be more likely to come.  You can find suitable venues on website such as How can I tell if our alumni are dispersed around the country? There are now several online services which allow you to upload numerous addresses in one go and plot them on a Google map.  You can simply Google ‘upload multiple addresses to Google’, or use a website like Batchgeo. More on organising alumni reunions FIND DEVELOPMENT JOBS!   Whether you’re looking to start a career in development or are already an experienced practitioner, you can find vacancies today! FURTHER RESOURCES ON FUNDRAISING AND ALUMNI RELATIONS   We’ve listed some of the best books and resources available to help you become an outstanding development professional. See recommended Development reading © Orier Digital Limited 2012