Fundraising Direct Mail What is Direct Mail? Direct mail Fundraising is the process of sending out letters and / or leaflets to your potential donor community to let them know about a fundraising goal or goals, and to ask for their support in the form of a donation. What return can we expect from Direct Mail fundraising? Most development offices will find that they receive anything between a 3-8% response to a direct mail fundraising campaign.  A really good campaign, which is well targeted, with a great case for support and a receptive audience, can achieve 20%+, but this tends to be rare.  For a more effective way of setting up smaller, regular donations, you might like to consider running a telephone campaign, which can achieve response rates of 40%+ (albeit at greater cost). What are the advantages of Fundraising by Direct Mail? Although the percentage return may not look like much, it tends to be one of the most cost- effective ways of getting your fundraising message to a wide audience.  This is especially so if you can design your own fundraising literature in-house.  There are plenty of commercial printing and mailing houses in the UK which offer good rates for printing and sending your materials to constituents both in the UK and abroad. What’s the secret to writing great Direct Mail? At its most basic, great direct mail does three things: 1. Outlines a problem (what is the gap you need donations to fill?) 2. Explains how donors can be part of the solution to that problem 3. Makes an Ask (i.e. tells the recipient how much you want them to give, and what that gift will do). What books are there on direct mail fundraising? We can recommend “How to Write Successful Fundraising Letters” (The Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Guidebook Series).  See more books on fundraising. Want to learn more about creating the best fundraising direct mail?   Read: Revolution in the Mailbox: Your Guide to Successful Direct Mail Fundraising (The Mal Warwick Fundraising Series) See it on Amazon. Fundraising Direct Mail © Orier Digital Limited 2012