Development Office Workstreams What is the day to day work of a development office? Development offices spend time on a vast array of different activities, but typical workstreams include: Meeting members of your potential donor community - getting out and about to spend face-to-face time with alumni and/or parents, discussing their views of your institution and finding ways to get them involved. Researching potential major donors - identifying major prospects who could give major donations to your organisation. Setting up meetings with potential major donors - building relationships with high net-worth individuals and soliciting donations. Organising alumni events - creating opportunities to meet groups of alumni together. Creating publications - spreading your message to your key communities to keep them informed about your work. Creating and sending fundraising materials - inviting donations from your community. Donor stewardship - thanking and looking after your existing donors. Database management and data enhancement - updating your records and correcting data. Designing campaigns - finalising a case for support, fundraising strategy and donor action plan to achieve a specific target. FURTHER RESOURCES ON FUNDRAISING AND ALUMNI RELATIONS   We’ve listed some of the best books and resources available to help you become an outstanding development professional. See recommended Development reading © Orier Digital Limited 2012 FIND DEVELOPMENT JOBS!   Whether you’re looking to start a career in development or are already an experienced practitioner, you can find vacancies today!