Roles Within a Development Office What key roles are needed in a Development Office? Development offices vary hugely in the number of staff they hire and the roles that those staff perform.  Below is a list of some of the most common.  Visit our jobs page for openings for each of the positions below. Development Director / Manager The Development Director is normally the most senior figure in a Development Office, designing the fundraising strategy, responsible for setting and meeting targets and normally focusing on major donor fundraising from the highest net-worth potential donors. Deputy Development Director Deputies support the Development Director and will focus on areas that the Development Director is not able to tend to personally.  This might include things like meeting with potential major donors who have a mid-range giving level, legacy giving, running telethons and organising the Annual Fund. Alumni Officer An Alumni Officer looks after all aspects of communication and engagement with alumni, from producing newsletters, magazines, memorabilia, to organising events and reunions.  Development Officer A Development Officer will typically look after aspects such as major donor research (i.e. creating profiles), data enhancement, financial recording, processing of gifts, Gift Aid, and so on. Database Manager Development offices depend on having accurate and complete data, and so some choose to hire a Database Manager to look after all data-related activities such as data-entry, data-cleansing, data-sorting, updates, etc. Other Roles Larger development offices (especially at university or college level) may also have more specialist roles such as: Annual Fund Officer, Major Gifts Officer, Legacy Officer and Events Officer. FIND DEVELOPMENT JOBS!   Whether you’re looking to start a career in development or are already an experienced practitioner, you can find vacancies today! © Orier Digital Limited 2012