Interview Techniques when applying for Development Jobs So you responded to that job advertisement, you’ve got an interview and now you’re hoping and praying you can get the role.  How do you prepare? Learn about the institution you are applying to Most schools and universities with a development office will have a development and/or alumni website, so read it, find out what they are already doing, use ideas on this site to think about what they could do in future.  Also read the institution’s main website so you learn about the people you will be fundraising for. Understand the role you are apply for Interviewers can soon spot it when someone does not have a clear understanding the role  they are apply for.  Make sure you do, so you can effectively answer the question ‘why are you applying for this position?’.  You’d be surprised how many candidates come unstuck at such a simple question! Demonstrate your people skills This site has repeatedly emphasised that Development is a people business, so make sure you demonstrate that you have the human touch.  Make eye contact, smile, be interested in your interviewers, ask questions about the institution, give a warm handshake.  Of course, you know this already! Prepare for scenario-based interview questions An interviewer’s favourite line of questioning is to ask questions which start: ‘Give us an example of a time when you... led a team / had to use your initiative / persuaded someone to do something they would not otherwise have done / solved a complex problem / worked with difficult people.’  Make sure you have thought about your previous experiences so you can answer!  If you can’t think of an example, simply respond with a hypothetical: ‘Although I can’t think of a time when that has occured, if I did face that situation, I would...’  They want to judge your likely behaviour, and this answers it. The rest is up to you... FIND DEVELOPMENT JOBS!   Whether you’re looking to start a career in development or are already an experienced practitioner, you can find vacancies today! FURTHER RESOURCES ON FUNDRAISING AND ALUMNI RELATIONS   We’ve listed some of the best books and resources available to help you become an outstanding development professional. See recommended Development reading © Orier Digital Limited 2012