Using Alumni Websites What is an alumni website Quite simply this is having a dedicated website (or at last dedicated pages on your institution’s main website) which has content specifically designed for your alumni.  What kinds of thing can you use an alumni website for? An alumni website can be used in much the same way as social networks, where you post news, events, stories and information about and for alumni.  You can sell memorabilia, link to social networking sites, have downloadable copies of recent newsletters.  Some alumni websites allow members to create their own profiles and look for old school friends.  Functionality is limited only by your imagination (and budget). Can I link an alumni website to a development office database? Yes - some databases have (or sell add-ons to) synchronise any information on the website with your database.  This may be useful if you want alumni to be able to update their address or other contact details.  There are a range of companies offering this functionality, including Blackbaud and Webalumnus. Where do I go for inspiration? The best place to start is simply to look at other alumni websites - all can easily be found on Google. Read about social networking for charities   People to People Fundraising: Social Networking and Web 2.0 for Charities See it on Amazon. © Orier Digital Limited 2012