Alumni Relations What are Alumni Relations? Having a good Alumni Relations programme is all about engaging with your former students and keeping them involved and informed about your institution.  This can be through events, reunions, newsletters, magazines, websites, social networks, and so on. What’s the point of having an alumni relations programme? Development fundraising is about creating a two-way relationship with your potential donors: people are more likely to give money to a cause with which they feel a connection and about which they care.  An effective alumni relations programme will keep them engaged.  Do something for them, and they are more likely to respond favourably when asked for support. Does this also help with major donor fundraising? Absolutely.  In the process of holding regular events, writing articles about alumni and helping them, you may come across a potential major donor and start that all-important relationship which can lead to a major gift. OK, so what does an Alumni Relations Programme consist of? 1. Finding Alumni - you can’t have an alumni relations programme without them - do you have enough?  Are many of them missing?  2. Publications (Newsletters and Magazines) - make your organisation top of their minds by sending engaging publications they enjoy reading. 3. Events and reunions - help them reconnect with old friends, evoke nostalgic feelings and meet them face-to-face! 4. Communication - respond to alumni enquiries, questions, requests - make them feel in touch. 5. Online Presence - make sure you have a website that welcomes them when they come looking for you. 6. Social Networks - don’t just wait for your alumni to visit your website - make a presence where they are already by creating pages and groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. Looking for books and resources on designing effective alumni relations programmes?    View our recommendations.   © Orier Digital Limited 2012